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dormant bugs and our perception

I was triaging old bugs in the FC6 kernel, and got this back form a
reporter.    While I agree that a lack of response can be frustrating
to a reporter, I'm not entirely sure what (if anything) we can do
about it.- I'm sending this to marketing-list since it seems to be a
problem for us rather than QA - though probably both, and I'm sure
alot of us are on both.

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Date: Dec 31, 2007 5:48 PM
Subject: [Bug 204883] Boot fails in insmod after upgrade from fc5
(x86) to fc6t2 (x86_64)
To: jonstanley gmail com

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Summary: Boot fails in insmod after upgrade from fc5 (x86) to fc6t2 (x86_64)


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Thanks for your input.

I've pretty much given up with my efforts to further the Fedora cause. Here are
my reasons:

1) I opened this case OVER a year ago. NO responses til now. Not exactly what I
would call a timely response I'm sure you'll agree.

2) I have joined several of the fedora lists (fedora-dev comes to mind off the
top of my head. I have posted to the list several times but have NOT received
any responses except from Rahul.

I'm NOT a developer but I HAVE a lot of experience working with systems (> 40
years) of all kinds. I will NEVER tell anyone that I know it all because I just
don't. I do expect to be listened to when I request info or make a suggestion.
EVEN if it's just to tell me to go to hell. This is not unreasonable, I do
listen AND reply to other people when they address me. I just expect the same



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Jon Stanley
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jstanley fedoraproject org

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