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Fedora 10 Presentations

Happy 2008!  We have six to eight months on how to best put out the word about Fedora 10!

I think small Newspaper ADs showing the NEW Fedora 10 Logo and what event would present
it might be the way to go!  Something like a type of Expo that shows what Fedora 10 AND Red 
Hat Enterprise Linux 6 can do for a home, small business, or enterprise.  There should be give-
aways of Fedora 10 with a DEMO of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 attached!  There should be
low cost laptops, desktops, & servers sold there that can run Fedora or Red Hat.  There should 
be inexpensive sweatshirts, t-shirts, baseball caps, & usb flash drives all bearing either the 
Fedora 10 Logo or the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Logo.  There should be sausage, hot dogs, 
popcorn, brownies, and soda available to all who come, with the proceeds going to the OLPC 

Fedora 10 must be on par with Ubuntu 8 & Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 that can run older 
Windoze Games, has optional MAC OS X-like features, a longer life cycle, GIMP 2.6, 
OpenOffice 2.4, GNOME 2.22 or 2.4, Audacity, KompoZer, Inkscape, Scribus, and some 
type of Video Editor.

I hope I can get some insight and/or help about starting a Linux Magazine right here in Boston!

I contacted Karlie Robinson at on-disk.com about such a bold project!  It's important that a 
North American based Linux Magazine is available on newsstands everywhere!

Mark McLaughlin
Hudson, MA


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