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Re: dormant bugs and our perception

Michael Stahnke wrote:
To me, a lot of the reason there are not more people tracking down
bugs like this is that any/most packages that were part of core, can't
be fixed by community members.

Triaging bugs usually doesn't require any commit access. I have triaged hundreds of bugs before and most of them was about asking for more information, reassigning bugs so that it reaches the proper maintainers, closing duplicates or already fixed bugs and so on but it is possible that ACL's are a hindrance and I have been always supportive of removing them to the maximum extend possible.

You might be interested in http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/JesseKeating/PackageACLOpening.

 This is proof to me that
either the team maintaining core packages is too small, or there are
lots of people at RH who don't care about bug reports.

It is mostly a problem of resources and there are few ways you can tackle this currently including direct mails, requesting co-maintainership of the package in question or initiating the AWOL/MIA process.


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