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Re: "For 2008 media will create Red Hat-Ubuntu war"

tir, 01 01 2008 kl. 22:08 -0600, skrev Michael Beckwith:
> Coming from a personal opinion, I think Fedora should just stick to our 
> short term and long term gameplan and try to avoid pandering to an idea 
> like this. Lets just keep doing what Fedora has been doing for years, 
> which is lead and innovate.

Not to mention it's an arms race we can't win.. remember we are the only
contestant. Every minute invested in upstream development benefits both
parties equally. So the harder we try, the higher we raise the bar for
ourselves since Ubuntu can just take the work we do at near zero

I think the more important battle is for the public understanding of
where upstream development stems from and being better at taking credit
for the excellent work Fedora does.

Selling the virtue of driving innovation seems like a far more sane
tactic than encouraging a brainless war based on the choice of what is
essentially Product A or Product A with a brown theme.

Point out where the code comes from, who invests to make it happen, who
has the vision and the will to innovate.

- David *values not product* Nielsen

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