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Re: "For 2008 media will create Red Hat-Ubuntu war"

Jonathan Roberts wrote:
I think the more important battle is for the public understanding of
where upstream development stems from and being better at taking credit
for the excellent work Fedora does.

+1 which is exactly what I think the mission of the marketing team
should be. Fedora drives a lot of innovation and due to its strong
belief in working closely with upstream a lot of the innovation quickly
becomes available to other distributions. Something the article
overlooked I think: while open source code can benefit everyone, the
ease with which this happens is influenced by how quickly code gets
upstream and I'm not convinced Ubuntu, or any distribution, is as good
at this as Fedora. Anybody got any ideas where we could get some numbers
on this!?

http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/RedHatContributions and in the references. People have done various studies on which vendors contribute how much to the Linux kernel in particular and Red Hat in usually by a large margin the leading contributor. That would probably be the same for GTK and GNOME though I don't know of anyone doing any formal analysis. Then there are other key pieces like Glibc, GCC and on more desktop neutral stuff like HAL, DBus, Cairo, NetworkManager etc.

From the volunteer community, there are a good number of people who contribute to various upstream projects. A few examples,

http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BryanSullivan (Mercurial upstream. Refer http://lwn.net/Articles/153990/ for a interesting detail).

I am pretty sure there are several dozen more contributors such as these.


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