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Re: "For 2008 media will create Red Hat-Ubuntu war"

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On Jan 2, 2008 12:28 AM, H. Guémar <karlthered2 gmail com> wrote:
Just some pseudo-journalistic craps.
If there's any competition, it's between RedHat, Inc and Canonical
LTD, it's not our business.

We need a presskit.  Is there someone on this list who can lead the
development of a presskit?

If we had a "Thinking about writing an article about Fedora?" link on
our frontpage, what materials would we want behind that link?

What are the important things we'd like to make sure laypress people
stress about Fedora as a project?

What are the common factual pitfalls that the laypress have been
making repeatedly that we end up correcting via article comments?  If
we can get a presskit out we could potentially get ahead of more
common laypress mistakes and stop them before they are written.

What are the interpretive and editorial perceptions that can be
influenced by our own editorial material aimed at laypress? Or to ask
this another way, is there a flavor of kool-aid that we should be
mixing up specifically for laypress?

We need a few things:
o Fedora Fast Facts: data that would be interesting to someone writing an article:
	o  History
	o  Differentiating points
	o  Features/Functions
o  Instructions for 'laypress' to download with most ease
o Reviewers' Guide. This tells the press what exactly to look for, what we want to emphasize most (esp. what's differentiating from other distros, etc).
o  Screenshots.


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