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Re: dormant bugs and our perception

On Wed, Jan 02, 2008 at 10:23:03AM -0500, Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:
> Cross-posting to the Fedora advisory board list.  Our inability to create 
> and nurture a bug triage community continues to be painful, and our current 
> QA resources within Red Hat continue to be (necessarily) technically 
> focused rather than community focused.  This is a problem we need to solve.

I think my IRC conversation during a recent Bug Day sums up the 
problems pretty well:

Nov 19 13:39:04 <cra>   how do I officially become part of the QA and bug triage team?
Nov 19 13:43:01 <cra>   i'd like to get the Release Notes updated to 
mention that Xinerama doesn't work and how to use xrandr to set up dual-head
Nov 19 13:45:24 <f13>   cra: I think you "show up" and you're part of the team.
Nov 19 13:46:01 <cra>   f13: but in the past i've tried to update bugs, and I don't have
permission to do things like mark-duplicate, change product/release, etc.
Nov 19 13:46:26 <f13>   cra: you need to be in the fedora-bugs group I think, which all
contributors were supposed to be added to I thought.
Nov 19 13:57:05 <poelcat>       cra: hopefully nothing official for either, but 
if there are blockers to getting involved let me know... chances are I have some
 extra bugzilla privs I don't know about that should be sorted out for everyone 

There seems to be no official process to become a QA contributor or 
Bug Triager.  Formalizing this process and documenting it would go a 
long way to improving things.

Some things I think would be helpful:

1. Allow QA contributors to subscribe to certain products/components 
so they are CC'd on any new bugs in those areas.

2. Allow QA contributors to have the access rights on Bugzilla 
necessary to manage bugs, mark duplicates, etc.

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