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Press Kit WAS Re: "For 2008 media will create Red Hat-Ubuntu war"

Ok, following on from Leigh's advice, shall we try and flesh out what
would go under some of these points?

> We need a few things:
> o  Fedora Fast Facts: data that would be interesting to someone writing 
> an article:
> 	o  History

* Fedora project founded in 2003 when Red Hat merged their open
development process with the pre-existing Fedora Linux project. Official
announcement here:


* First general release of Fedora Core 5th November 2003.

* Merger of Core and Extras in 2008.

*...urm any more history than this seems difficult to come by!? When did
the Board come along?

> 	o  Differentiating points

* Focus on upstream
* Focus on free software
* Hosted
* People
* Open build systems + spins

** Another section should really spell out what Fedora's goals are I
think. Target audience perhaps (Controversial subject I know) and our
primary goals and values as they provide a lot of insight into why
certain decisions are made.

> 	o  Features/Functions
> o  Instructions for 'laypress' to download with most ease
> o  Reviewers' Guide.  This tells the press what exactly to look for, 
> what we want to emphasize most (esp. what's differentiating from other 
> distros, etc).
> o  Screenshots.

These last four are covered by the release summary are they not!?


Obviously this all changes from release to release. Only thing I'm not
sure about in the current release summary is the long list of links at
the beginning - makes it look uglier and harder to access the main
content - in my opinion. Maybe if we include this info in a press kit it
could either a) be tidied up or b) only the essential information about
features etc. 

Also, in this section I don't think it would hurt to emphasise where
Fedora is the first distribution to do something - I think we did this
with Pulse Audio in the last release quite well :)

Thoughts and ideas!?


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