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----- "Frederic Hornain" <fhornain gmail com> wrote:
> Dear *,
> The Fedora speakers recruitment for FOSDEM 08 started few weeks ago
> and I still not have any candidate from Fedora/Red Hat community
> -except Pawel for a presentation of Fedora -
> So, in order to be fair and nice with our friend of CentOs and FOSDEM
> visitors, I would need proposals from you.
> If you can spread the words...
> You can register at the Fedora FOSDEM 08 wiki page.
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/FOSDEM/FOSDEM2008
> [...]

Hi *,

I just added my name to attendees of Fosdem.

For me, it'll be the first "Fedora Event" outside Italy with Ambassador role, and I'm looking forward to meet other Fedora enthusiasts to discuss about new projects and new opportunities (and improve my contribution to Fedora project)

What do you think about a meeting to discuss the last details (speech, slides, materials and so on) for the event?

See you then


 Francesco Crippa

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