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StoreSIG: Moving Forward

With the holidays over and the new year started I wanted to bring this
back up.  For those not in the loop, I am referring to the Store SIG
[1].  I know Max has been busy with FUDcon, so let's see what we can
get done on this.  A lot of this we should be able to piece together
to the point of proposing a solution that we can run by Max and/or the

It looks like we have six open action items currently.

* "Create mockup/requirements page on the wiki that starts laying out
ideas for what a store.fedoraproject.org could look like."

I don't think we have a mockup page out there yet.  From the IRC
meetings late last year I think we have a set of general requirements
(still open for discussion at this point), which are:

- A simple portal, we want to start simple with a page that helps get
people to the right place.

- The portal would include links off to a section for Fedora users who
just want to order a T-shirt, key ring, stickers, etc.  This link will
most likely be to someone like Spreadshirt or REVELinux. There would
also be link(s) off to a main distributor page listing who can provide
Fedora Ambassadors with items in bulk.  A distributor list has been
already been started [2].

- The main portal page should highlight products from the store site
we use for Fedora users

- In summary, Max's vision for the portal was:  "And I envision
store.fp.o as being a fedora-branded page that kind of collects all
this stuff up and presents it nicely"

* "More in-depth chat with REVElinux as a potential distributor."

I am not aware of this chat having happened yet.  Does anyone know any
different?  Does anyone know what specifically we wanted to cover in
this chat and work out?

* "Publicize and populate the companies that Ambassadors have used to
mass-produce Fedora items."

- The initial page has been created and an email sent to the
Ambassadors list asking for further additions.  I will send another
email out regarding this page so we can catch people back from the
holidays now.  The page is here:


* "Log in to http://fedora-fr.spreadshirt.net/ and see how it operates."

I have looked around the site.  If we can get a few others to do so
and provide feedback that would be good.

* "Make a list, based on geography, of potential online distributors."

The current list is here:


Hearing additional feedback on the places listed would be helpful.

* "Add to the list of proposed items."

We have quite the list going here:


And this brings us to where we left off before the holidays.  From
where I type I see the following as the things we need to work on in
order to continue forward.

- We need a mockup of the portal page.  Some basic requirements of the
page are listed in this email.  We have two names associated with the
task now, one of which is Max who I am sure is swamped.  My mockup
skills are near non-existent, but I can work on getting the general
requirements up on the Wiki for reference.  If anyone wants to jump in
and help with a basic mockup, that would be much appreciated.

- We need to determine which online vendor to set our store front up
with.  From our last chats I think the main front runners were
Spreadshirt and REVELinux depending on the results of that
conversation with them.  This is still open for discussion, so please
voice your input.

Once those two items are figured out we should be well on our way to
having a store portal page to help Fedora users and Fedora Ambassadors
have a one-stop spot for getting Fedora merchandise.




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