Store SIG Meeting - 1/9 (Meeting Log)

Ricky Zhou ricky at
Thu Jan 10 01:33:25 UTC 2008

12:57 < iWolf> Store SIG meeting in 3 minutes.
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13:00 < iWolf> Okay.  Who is here for the Store SIG meeting?
13:02 < tw2113> thought it was friday
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13:02 < iWolf> tw2113: nope, Wednesday.  Unless I mess up typing it somewhere... :)
13:03 < tw2113> no, i messed up
13:03 < tw2113> i had friday on the brain
13:03 < tw2113> i'll be around then
13:03 < iWolf> You're Michael?
13:03 < tw2113> yeah
13:03 < iWolf> I will give it till about 5 after and then go over the list of things. See if we get anyone else here.
13:03 < iWolf> Thanks for the email, that helped answer some questions about REVELinux.
13:04  * Sparks is in the background
13:04 < tw2113> ;)
13:04  * iWolf nods
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13:05  * ricky is here.
13:05 < iWolf> Okay, lets get started, even if it is a small crowd.
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13:05 < iWolf> First up is the mockup and general requirements portion.
13:06 < iWolf> I have a list of general requirements here:
13:06 < iWolf> I am still looking for someone to help with the mockup.  My skills in that arena are minimal.
13:06 < iWolf> I think the requirements page covers most of what we have talked about in the past.
13:07 < ricky> Perhaps we can take a look at
13:07 < ricky> (And once we get a mockup, bring it up on fedora-websites-list)
13:07 < iWolf> I think that's my next place to solicit.
13:08 < iWolf> I will submit our proposal to them and see if we get some help from that end.
13:09 < iWolf> If no one else has something to add, we can move to the next item.
13:09 < iWolf> - a more in-depth chat with REVELinux.
13:09 < ricky> The main thing is to make the purpose of the site very clear- that last email was useful.
13:09 < tw2113> if someone wants to pick that up, they have my blessing
13:10 < iWolf> tw2113: forewarded me an email dialog, I plan on parsing that and I will add more info to the Potential Distributors page.
13:10 < tw2113> i know Max wanted to be in on it
13:10 < iWolf> ricky: in regards to the Artwork DesignService?
13:11 < ricky> iWolf: For getting started with website stuff in general.
13:11 < iWolf> tw2113: I plan on getting some of the facts together and running them by Max before we go anywhere, just hoping to take some of the legwork off his plate.
13:11 < iWolf> ricky: cool, they look a good option to start with.
13:12 < iWolf> I can dig into it a bit more with REVELinux.
13:12 < tw2113> yeah, i'm sure he's quite busy
13:12 < iWolf> Next up, the bulk items for Ambassadors.
13:12 < iWolf> We have that page started in the wiki:
13:13 < iWolf> It's open for people to add vendors too and will be the basis for bulk orders I think - unless our chosen vendor can price things really well for bulk.
13:13 < iWolf> We just need to get some more folks to add distributors.
13:13 < iWolf> Anything to add on this item?
13:14 < ricky> Has anybody posted to fedora-ambassadors-list about this yet?
13:14 < ricky> I don't remember catching anything about that, but it could just be me.
13:14 < Sparks> Should there be sort of agreement between Fedora and the supplier?
13:14 < iWolf> ricky: I think my last email was sent to marketing list, you are right, I should have sent it straight to the Ambassador list as well.
13:15 < Sparks> ricky: I remember something coming across the list a while back...Nothing lately.
13:15 < iWolf> ricky: I sent an email regarding the Ambasador Vendor page to the Ambassador list on 1/6
13:16 < iWolf> My other emails so far have been to the marketing list.
13:16  * couf puts link in: (seems to be pretty good platform to start off)
13:16 < iWolf> couf: Thanks!
13:16 < ricky> Oh, I see it - my mistake. 
13:16 < iWolf> couf: feel free to add any pros and cons that may be associated with it.
13:17 < iWolf> ricky: no worries!
13:17 < couf> iWolf: need to test it myself, but will do
13:17 < ricky> couf: I didn't think we wanted to handle the eCommerce-type stuff ourself.
13:17 < iWolf> Sparks: as for an agreement, I don't think there will be one more than choosing a vendor to work through and signing up.
13:18 < couf> ricky: it can work as a frontend as well, or so I read somewhere (can't find the page though)
13:18 < ricky> (I was hoping that the vendor site would handle the card/payments, merchandise, etc.)
13:18 < ricky> I'm guessing that Infrastructure would lean towards generated static pages or such as well.
13:18 < iWolf> Yeah, I would error towards simplicity.
13:18 < couf> sure, just putting a pointer :-)
13:19 < iWolf> Let the vendor site handle the harder stuff to keep from overburdening the infrastructure team.
13:19 < couf> absolutly
13:19 < iWolf> If it the store gets really popular the decisions can be re-evaluated then.
13:19 < iWolf> couf: thanks for the link though.
13:19 < ricky> But wow, that's looking really nice in general.
13:20 < iWolf> Okay, next up.
13:20 < iWolf> Look at
13:21 < iWolf> I've poked around a bit, seems pretty typical of some of our other options.
13:21 < iWolf> So I am thinking shipping terms, international availability, etc will have a bigger factor in choosing a vendor.
13:21 < iWolf> Any thoughts?
13:22 < couf> if we can't get that: 1 per region?
13:22 < ricky> Was there an English version of that, by the way?
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13:22 < iWolf> couf: that may be what we end up with.
13:22 < couf> right
13:23 < iWolf> couf: I am hoping we can avoid too many simply from trying to avoid too much work for designers to upload work.
13:23 < iWolf> ricky: :) I didn't see one when I looked.  I may have missed it!
13:24 < ricky> That's just a side note for that particular interface, though - I think spreadshirt has an English site.
13:24 < couf> nah it's french only
13:25 < couf> that is the fedora-fr part, spreadshirt supports most languages
13:25 < iWolf> Yeah, spreadshirt can do english sites as well.
13:25 < iWolf> Spreadshirt seemed nice, but if you set up a US store, they want to ship from that store Internationally.
13:25 < iWolf> Which kicks the shipping up.
13:25 < couf> bummer :-/
13:26 < iWolf> I was hoping they could handle the multiple regions for us, since it seems they have locations in multiple places.
13:26 < Sparks> Setup different stores for each region?
13:26 < iWolf> I still need  to follow-up with them though.  I only received a canned reply back so far.
13:27 < iWolf> Sparks: I would like to find a vendor that can handle that for us, that way a designer only needs to upload artwork to one place and not 5 or 6 different stores.
13:27 < Sparks> True...
13:27 < iWolf> It may be that spreadshirt could tie multiple stores into one account for us.  That's the part I need to follow up on.
13:28 < iWolf> We have our initial list of vendors here:
13:28 < iWolf>
13:28 < iWolf> Feel free to add Pros and COns up there for anyone you have worked with or from information you find on their site.
13:28 < iWolf> I may be overlooking an option.
13:29 < iWolf> Right now the front runners for me are spreadshirt and REVELinux, but I would like to see some more input on that.
13:29 < iWolf> And the last item is the proposed item list:
13:30 < tw2113> no complaint from me
13:30 < iWolf>
13:30 < iWolf> We have lots of items there.
13:31 < iWolf> So not much needs done there.  The vendor we choose will dictate some of what we can sell.
13:31 < ricky> So the first thing on the list is to contact/decide on a vendor, right?
13:32 < ricky> It'd give us a much more solid basis to work on web stuff, etc.
13:32 < iWolf> Yeah, a vendor choice is needing to be made.
13:32 < iWolf> I think we just need to post a bit more info about some of them to make a decision from.
13:32 < iWolf> I have the email tw2113 forwarded from REVEL and I have some dialog with Spreadshirt.
13:33 < iWolf> ricky: do you think the mockup piece will need a definite vendor chosen?
13:33 < iWolf> ricky: or just the web work itself?
13:33 < ricky> It'd help to know some specifics, but that might be a question for the art team as well.
13:34 < iWolf> ricky: okay.
13:34 < tw2113> from what i remember, the purpose of our local frontend was just to direct traffic
13:34 < tw2113> if you're an ambassador, here are your links at such n such vendor
13:34 < tw2113> if you're a casual user, here are your links
13:34 < iWolf> tw2113: yep, though we want to showcase some of the goods as well, but primarly we just want direct people.
13:34 < iWolf> tw2113: yep, just like that.
13:35 < tw2113> wet their mouths!
13:35 < iWolf> :)
13:35 < tw2113> we want them licking their monitors while they click their link
13:35 < iWolf> Here is what I see the next major action items as.
13:35 < ricky> Heh.
13:35  * tw2113 cleans monitor
13:35 < iWolf> Solicit the Art Design team for help on a mock up.  And determine the vendor.
13:35 < iWolf> LOL
13:37 < iWolf> If the Design team needs to know a specific vendor for the mockup, hopefully we can just get a helper with the mockup and get them that info as soon as we can.
13:37 < iWolf> For the vendor, I would like to see some more pros and cons put out on the wiki and then present it to the group and Max.
13:37 < iWolf> Thoughts?
13:40 < iWolf> Okay.  We'll say that's a plan!  If you disagree, feel free to ping me or post to the list.
13:40 < couf> +1 it's good
13:41 < iWolf> couf: Thanks!
13:41 < Sparks> Looks like a plan
13:41 < iWolf> Does anyone have anything else to add?
13:41  * couf needs to run
13:41 < iWolf> If not, we'll adjourn the meeting.
13:41 < couf> thanks iWolf for taking this up
13:41 < iWolf> No worries.
13:42 < iWolf> Thanks everyone for coming to the meeting.
13:42 < iWolf> It is much appreciated.
13:42 < tw2113> i had nothing
13:42 < iWolf> ======= Meeting Adjourned ========
13:43 < iWolf> I will update the wiki and we can go from there.  Thanks again!
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