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LWN articles on Fedora


Looking back at 2007


"Fedora will come into its own as a free, community-oriented distribution" has, beyond any doubt, come true. The Fedora 7 release brought community developers in from the margins, and Fedora 8 solidified the new process. The bulk of the packages in Fedora are now maintained by community developers. Red Hat's controlling hand, while still clearly present, is weaker than before. Fedora leader Max Spevack has presided over a crucial transformation of this important project; he will be moving on to other challenges early in 2008, but will be leaving behind a distribution in far better shape than the one he inherited a few years ago.


Distributions 2007 review


"Fedora: Fedora made great strides in becoming true community distribution with the merger of Core and Extras. 2007 saw the release of both Fedora 7 and Fedora 8, both excellent desktops/workstations. Max Spevack led the project through the merger and announced his resignation at the end of the year. This week's DistroWatch had the comment that "despite all these positives, the distribution still fails to attract first-time Linux users who sometimes complain about the lack of a central configuration utility or the overly technical nature of the operating system." This led to a discussion on the Fedora Marketing list. There seems to be some agreement that Fedora does expect its users to be somewhat clueful, and that's the way we like it. "


Insufficiently Free?

This one is primarily about the debate/flamewar between RMS and OpenBSD developers but mentions the nature of Free software distributions too.


"Many of us will be using distributions like Fedora or Debian which are strongly committed to the creation of free systems. The developers behind these distributions have gone to considerable trouble to be sure that everything which is part of their system is truly free software, even when, as has happened at times, the result has been trouble for users. These distributors have clearly advanced the cause of free software greatly through their efforts over many years. One might well wonder just why Mr. Stallman cannot bring himself to recommend the result of this work.


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