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Re: FUDCon

Thanks for the reply Dimitris :)

> I think everyone around is working on something and haven't seen much
> going in terms of getting the word out on what's happening. Will try
> to get people to blog a bit.

That for a start would be awesome - would give us a great starting place
to start mining material from!

> I'm positive everyone would be happy to talk on what they're hacking
> on. Exciting stuff happening and just yesterday we were discussing
> that we could definitely be more verbose about our stuff. :-)

Ah I'm glad to hear it...you all do great work imho and deserve the
credit that goes along with it; if anybody has anything they'd
particularly like hand talking about/getting attention for then point
them in this direction and we can definitely try and help as best we
can :)

> > Also any information about any of it for promotional purposes would be
> > great!! Sorry if people are already doing it - wish I could have made it
> > myself...
> Maybe emailing a set of Qs to people here could get something going? I
> could ask around who's like to talk a bit about what they've done.

I'll try and put out a more detailed set of questions aimed at
individual projects later, but if you happened to come across some
developers wanting to talk maybe point them to this brief, generic list,
and get them to jot down their replies somewhere - on this list even!

I'll post to my blog too, as I guess some people will see planet but not
this list...

1) What is the project that you're working on? 

2) What does it do!?

3) Why is this so cool?! i.e. why should end-users/sys-admins/developers
care about the work that you're doing...

4) Are you hoping that you're work will benefit upstream as well?

5) What's the atmosphere been like at FUDCon? Has it been
good/productive to work with people face to face who you'd normally only
see on lists and IRC?

I know this is generic and vague, and probably not the best medium for
distributing this info! I'll try and do better later :) 

Oh, and people should feel free to add their own questions and comments!

Hope you all have a super time, and thanks again for the reply,


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