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Re: ambassadors, marketing, etc

On Jan 13, 2008 9:25 PM, Jack Aboutboul <jaboutboul speakeasy net> wrote:

> so my first question would be to ask this, how many people currently
> subscribe to both this and ambassadors-list?  If people feel like it is
> a significant enough number, maybe we should consider merging the two,
> although, technically, the purposes are very different.

Technically the ambassadors list is private with public archives.  I'm
not sure what the point of that was other than to make things
complicated :)  I'm all in favor of merging the two.

>  Although that
> may be true, if we have a significant number of dual memberships, having
> two sources from which to get information and post information to might
> be a little excessive,

They all go to the same place :) Half the time I don't know which of a
dozen lists I'm replying to :)

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