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Re: ambassadors, marketing, etc

Jonathan Roberts <jonathan roberts uk googlemail com> hat am 14. Januar 2008 um 09:50 geschrieben:

> >From my point of view (this could be complete rubbish, be warned :P), it
> seems that on the marketing list our main aims are along the lines of
> producing content and making sure that when the press - whether they're
> lay press or mainstream - talk about Fedora the information they use is
> accurate and fair; on the Ambassadors' list I've always assumed the main
> goal to be how best to represent Fedora at conferences, LUGs, working
> with the free media program etc.

I agree on the aims. But I think it's very important that each group knows what the other group does.

IMHO Marketing should generate press-stuff for/about Ambassadors' events too. And Ambassadors should know what Marketing's message to the world is as the Ambassadors shouldn't say the opposite of it. They should also be able to refer to Fedora's appearances in the press.

I think that'd be the ideal case, if both would refer to each other's work in order to spread the word about Fedora as good as possible and to reach the people over both ways (press and in person) with the very same message.

-- red / SandroMathys

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