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Road Map for Marketing [WAS ambassadors, marketing, etc]

Starting a new thread...

> We made a ton of progress in just an hour yesterday.  A recap:
> Problem Statements/Objective Discussion
> ----------------------------------------
> o  Need communications mechanism(s)
> o  Messaging: "We get sh*t done!"

Is this the basic message we want to put out? I like it. We should also
apply it to ourselves, is far too easy to talk about stuff and not
actually produce any content :)

> o  Lack of spokesperson consistency:
> 	o  Lawless
> 	o  Need repetition of key themes
> o  What is our Summit presence/FUDcon plan/other events plan?
> o  Need to establish long-term comms plan/process
> o  Competitors are announcing our stuff

Think we're already starting to do better here. Fedora 8 release the
interviews did a good job at highlighting the work that Fedora
developers are doing, and then the release summary (both of these are
extremely diggable too - I think this is a good thing!) brought these
all together niceley; also, Jon Poelstra's work as a feature wrangler is
superb in this respect as it is a reference where people can watch how
the features are developing and see it coming out of Fedora. 

We can definitely still do better here though, making it more explicit
and drawing together all of this information into one easily digestable
source perhaps?

Might be easier to handle this too if we had a central point to make
announcements from - news.fedoraproject.org has been talked about
recently but I'm not sure how this is going?

> Actions
> --------
> o  Call for spokesppl

What's meant by spokes-people? People willing to go to events and talk
on behalf of Fedora? Is this what the Ambassadors try to do now?!

> o  Create Fedora Messaging Guide with the following themes (in this order):
> 	o  Folks/Friends
> 	o  Features
>          o  Freedom
> 	o  First/Future

Is this similar to what was talked about for a press kit? I could see it
being useful as a reference for lay press people - and not so lay people
- to look at as well. 

> o  Develop an 'Events Kit' (turn key solution to establish consistency 
> and process for all events attended by Fedora) and determine events plan 
> based on available budget.

Sounds good - does this fit in with the work being done for a "Fedora
store"? Part of the goal for that was to make it easy for Ambassadors to
get items for events...

> o  Determine future of FUDCon
> 	o  Leverage RH Summit
> 	o  Invite OSS press/bloggers
> Summit Discussion
> ------------------
> o  Call for papers happening now, community submissions needed.
> http://www.redhat.com/apps/include/webforms/paper.html
> o  Fedora presence at Summit:
> 	o  Fedora content in Open Source track (see above bullet)
> 	o  Designated hack-fest space for duration
> 	o  Recap of Hack-fest before Innovation Awards in general
> 	session on last day.
> 	o  Fedora booth

Is FUDCon planned to take place at the same time as this? Perhaps this
info should be cross-posted to the other lists (devel, art etc) to make
it easy for people who would give interesting presentations to find!

> I am going to also send this update to the corp. mktg team at Red Hat to 
> solicit more volunteers to help execute on this.  Please let me know if 
> you have any questions/comments.

Awesome...thanks for all the work :) And to everyone else who was at the


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