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Re: Road Map for Marketing [WAS ambassadors, marketing, etc]

On Jan 14, 2008 11:43 AM, Jonathan Roberts
<jonathan roberts uk googlemail com> wrote:
> Starting a new thread...
> > o  Develop an 'Events Kit' (turn key solution to establish consistency
> > and process for all events attended by Fedora) and determine events plan
> > based on available budget.
> Sounds good - does this fit in with the work being done for a "Fedora
> store"? Part of the goal for that was to make it easy for Ambassadors to
> get items for events...

There is an Event Box page on the wiki here:


I created that page with the idea of the box being a booth in a box.
Something we can ship to an event for a Fedora Ambassador to use for
an "instant" booth.  I borrowed the idea from the Gnome Event box.

That project needs just a bit of momentum.  Mainly if some Ambassadors
and Marketing folks can review the proposed contents and if people
agree - the funds to assemble the box.

The Fedora Store SIG:


has also been trying to make it easier to get Fedora goods in both
Fedora Users' hands and to Ambassadors preparing for an event.  What
we have been working with is a two pronged approach.  The first prong
to use a 3rd party storefront to sell T-shirts, buttons, patches to
the public.  The second prong is to establish a list of vendors
Ambassadors have used in the past to order bulk quantities of
T-shirts, stickers, etc from.  This will hopefully allow a new
ambassador to order from a vendor who knows what we typically order,
while allowing for local production to reduce shipping costs.

We need input the Store as well and it is not too late to do so.
Visit the Store SIG wiki page and you can see the past meeting logs,
current action items and many other things we have worked on and


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