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Re: ambassadors, marketing, etc

Jack Aboutboul said the following on 01/13/2008 09:25 PM Pacific Time:
> On Mon, 2008-01-14 at 09:00 +0900, Marc Wiriadisastra wrote:
>> I think the marketing list needs to figure out what it is going to do as
>> in direction wise. I'm not to sure that it is an effectively used medium
>> and or used effectively.
>> Thats not to say it should be shut down rather maybe there should be a
>> discussion on how to improve it.  I would love input from Red Hat to see
>> where we can improve I believe there is someone on list.
>> I personally welcome someone from Red Hat being the go-to person since at
>> least there is a presence and discussions can improve the cooperation
>> between Fedora and Red Hat.
> Hey everyone,
> so my first question would be to ask this, how many people currently
> subscribe to both this and ambassadors-list?  If people feel like it is
> a significant enough number, maybe we should consider merging the two,
> although, technically, the purposes are very different.  Although that
> may be true, if we have a significant number of dual memberships, having
> two sources from which to get information and post information to might
> be a little excessive,
> What do you guys think?
> Jack

I think the fedora-marketing-list should become a 'development' list of sorts--a hard core place for *actually* doing and creating "marketing" for upcoming Fedora events and releases while also focusing on increasing the power and awareness of the Fedora brand.

I think this list should be more about marketing activities and less about news stories about Fedora. If we want a place to collect news stories about Fedora I think those should go to a separate list... something like fedora-news-monitor.


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