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Fedora 9 and KDE 4.0.0 in distrowatch article

A distrowatch article collects some informations about the recently released 
KDE 4.0.0. But they seems to be a little bit confused about the different 


"The Fedora distribution has traditionally been focusing on GNOME as its 
preferred desktop environments, but with the increasing community 
participation in the project, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that KDE 
4.0.0 is now included in "rawhide" (Fedora's development branch). Not only 
that, it also appears to be the default KDE (KDE 3.5.8 is present as well, 
but these packages have been renamed to kdebase3, kdelibs3, etc.). Moreover, 
the Fedora community has released an installable Fedora live CD containing a 
base system from the latest rawhide + KDE 4.0.0 - a good way to evaluate the 
progress Fedora has made since the release of version 8. The live CD is 
available for download from here: rawhide-KDE4-i686-20080109.4.iso (694MB, 


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