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Red Hat at the crossroads


A long look at the evolution with some notable mentions of Fedora


"The classic downloadable distribution of Red Hat Linux has been replaced by Fedora, which is no longer sold in shrink-wrapped boxes. Enterprise customers are recommended to purchase RHEL, Red Hat's own branded and supported version of Linux. The perceived benefit of this release model is that Red Hat benefits from the traditional community approach fostered by Fedora, while giving a production model, represented by Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) that corresponds with the longer, more stable, upgrade cycle that is more easily implemented and supported within the enterprise. Fedora has pioneered many of the advances that later appear in RHEL.

In some ways Red Hat's business model represents a revolution in the computing industry, and is counter intuitive to the dogma of modern business culture."

"Red Hat has managed to walk the line between corporate ambition and community ethics, resisting the temptation to compromise in deals with Microsoft and others, and has endeavored to remain honest and true to its community roots, which it has maintained through its dependence on the Fedora community."


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