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Re: Road Map for Marketing [WAS ambassadors, marketing, etc]

On Tue, 2008-01-15 at 17:37 -0500, Jeffrey Tadlock wrote:
> With what is being discussed currently, does that mean we should be
> putting any Event Box work and/or Fedora SIG work on hold as well?
> The Fedora Store SIG has an Ambassador event material portion as well.
>  I would hate to put more effort towards the Store SIG or Event Box if
> this is duplicating efforts going on within Red Hat.

Do not put anything on hold.  All involved have been doing great work
and you should keep it up 100%.  I will say go ahead and keep working on
it and we will work with that and what is currently going on and support
it and bolster it.

What is going on currently is that we are planning everything we want to
try and do in the community and marketing areas for the next year.  Once
all that is solidified, we can work with more focus and hopefully
towards goals which are set in stone.  As for now, continue all the
great work you guys are doing and once this week is over, we should have
a better idea of where and how to steer things.  Don't be afraid to
lead!  We are here to support you!


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