Store SIG IRC Meeting Log - 2008-01-16

Jeffrey Tadlock linux at
Thu Jan 17 02:33:23 UTC 2008

Below is the IRC meeting log from the Store SIG meeting today.

13:03 < iWolf> Okay. back.  sorry about that!
13:03 < iWolf> Anyone else here?
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13:04 < iWolf> Okay.  Let's get started.
13:04 < iWolf> Going from the open action items here:
13:04 < iWolf> the first thing we have is the mockup and requirements page.
13:05 < iWolf> It doesn't like there have been any changes on the
requirements since last week, so that looks good.
13:05 < iWolf> I did not get a chance to put together a request to the
Design team this week.  I will kick that up in priority for me.
13:06 < ricky> Some people have been asking about what they can do
with websites, and I've been pointing them to
13:06 < ricky> It might be a good idea to mention that there.
13:06 < iWolf> Cool!  This mockup would be a good thing for someone to
get started with.
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13:06 < iWolf> I did see some work from SyN-dRoMe I believe with some graphics.
13:07 < SyN-dRoMe> i've been thinking of mockup ideas but the
requirements are a little vague.
13:07 < iWolf> I need to dig that link from my IRC log.
13:07 < iWolf> SyN-dRoMe: feel free to ask for any clarification on
the requirements.
13:07 < SyN-dRoMe> ok, well, how was that as a logo
13:07 < iWolf> I sort of tossed them together as a starting point.
13:07 < SyN-dRoMe> considering the background for that banner is taken
from the infinity artwork
13:08 < iWolf> I thought it looked good, do you have that link again?
13:08 < SyN-dRoMe> not on this computer im afraid
13:08 < SyN-dRoMe> oops hang on, im talking rubbish
13:09 < SyN-dRoMe>
13:09 < SyN-dRoMe> there we go, its a scaled down, i have the master
image on my desktop system.
13:09 < iWolf> Great thanks!
13:10 < iWolf> Now it will be in the meeting log and we can hear from
others as well.
13:10 < iWolf> I beleive mizmo also expressed some interest in helping
with a mockup but was going to be unavailable for a week or two.
13:10 < SyN-dRoMe> i'd like some feedback on that kind of look as i
normally use logos as a basis for entire motif's
13:10 < iWolf> That info is from an IRC conversantion jds2001 had with
her last week.
13:11 < iWolf> Anyone here care to comment on SyN-dRoMe's logo?
13:11 < iWolf> Suggestions?  Improvements? etc?
13:11 < iWolf> Or just plain old - "That looks cool!"
13:11 < iWolf> :)
13:12 < iWolf> SyN-dRoMe: I will solicit more feedback from the
marketing list this week.
13:12 < SyN-dRoMe> thank you :)
13:12 < iWolf> SyN-dRoMe: no worries.
13:13 < iWolf> So, for mockups we can continue to work with SyN-dRoMe
and wait to hear from mizmo.  I will probably put a page request up
and note that we have SyN-dRoMe and mizmo involved as well and see if
we can't get something put together.
13:13 < SyN-dRoMe> has there been any ideas on merchandise sources
13:13 < SyN-dRoMe> ?
13:13 < iWolf> SyN-dRoMe: yeah, we'll get to that in a moment.
13:13 < iWolf> I will also post the current graphic to the marketing
list to help get some feedback for SyN-dRoMe.
13:14 < iWolf> Oh and SyN-dRoMe feel free to email me with questions
on the requirements.
13:14 < iWolf> I will clear up what I can.
13:14 < SyN-dRoMe> will do.
13:14 < iWolf> Anything else to add to the mockup/requirements item
before we move on?
13:15 < iWolf> Okay.
13:15 < iWolf> The next three items can sort of be tied up into one
talking point for this meeting.
13:16 < iWolf> Vendors.
13:16 < iWolf> I did more looking at the ones we have listed here:
13:16 < iWolf>
13:16 < iWolf> I tried to add some more pros and cons to each.
13:17 < iWolf> I also solicited input from MrTom, an ambassador who
has been working to get a French store up and running.
13:17 < iWolf> He has added his comments to the wiki as well.
13:17 < iWolf> He has worked with spreadshirt for that stor and seen
their products.
13:17 < MrTom> meeting is at 20UTC ?
13:17 < iWolf> From what I saw online, spreadshirt seems to have a
good reputation for print on demand T-shirts.
13:17 < iWolf> MrTom: This is the Store SIG meeting.
13:18 < iWolf> MrTom: I just mentioned you for providig comments for
our wiki page on spreadshirt and your experiences.
13:18 < MrTom> sorry :s
13:18  * couf didn't have time to check some out
13:18 < MrTom> yep :)
13:18 < iWolf> MrTom: Thanks again for doing that!
13:18 < MrTom> you're welcome
13:18 < iWolf> couf: no worries, if you get a chance this week, feel
free to add comments.
13:18 < SyN-dRoMe> i'd like to add, there is a british based vendor
that perhaps could be looked into.
13:19 < iWolf> SyN-dRoMe: which one?
13:19 < SyN-dRoMe> a company called printshop
13:19 < iWolf> Could you add a link to the PotentialDistributor page?
13:19 < SyN-dRoMe> i could indeed
13:19 < iWolf> SyN-dRoMe: Thanks!
13:20 < iWolf> Does anyone lean towards one vendor more than another
at this point in time?
13:20 < SyN-dRoMe> it would depend on which region the prospective
customers were in
13:21 < EvilBob> iWolf: any vendor that has better caps than brand fuel
13:21 < EvilBob> iWolf: that means just about ANY vendor
13:21 < iWolf> EvilBob: LOL, I haven't tried their caps yet!
13:21 < EvilBob> iWolf: they suck
13:22 < EvilBob> iWolf: they fit like a yamica<sp?>
13:22 < iWolf> SyN-dRoMe: the region thing is the piece of the puzzle
that makes this most difficult.  It doesn't seem there is any *one*
vendor that serves each region well.
13:22 < iWolf> EvilBob: :)
13:22  * iWolf notes not to buy a Fedora cap from Brand Fuel.
13:23 < iWolf> So, because of trying to serve each region as well as we can.
13:23 < iWolf> I tend to lean towards Spreadshirt.
13:23 < iWolf> ANd open one store through their North American side
and open a second store through their European side.
13:23 < SyN-dRoMe> perhaps if you divided the operation to three or
four major regions and find a vendor that serves the respective region
the best
13:24 < iWolf> SyN-dRoMe: Yep, the only major con I can think of for
that is the designers needing to upload graphics to multiple stores.
It may be a necessary evil though.
13:25 < couf> probably will be the most succesful one, in finding good vendors
13:25 < iWolf> I think spreadshirt could give us a good start if we
opened a store for both the Europe region and the North America
13:25 < iWolf> That would get us started.  As we learn from that, we
could potentially expand to serve other regions better as well.
13:25 < SyN-dRoMe> well essentially, the interface for spreadshirt is
an swf. with links relevant to that customers account
13:26 < SyN-dRoMe> i imagine if you asked spreadshirt for a generic
copy of the source .fla
13:27 < SyN-dRoMe> it would most likely just be a case of modifying a
few links in the script
13:27 < iWolf> I think Thomas is familiar with the customization we
can do, they did it for the French store.
13:27 < iWolf> SyN-dRoMe: But you are quite right, with some mods we
may be good to go.
13:27 < SyN-dRoMe> mmmhmm
13:28 < iWolf> I think what I would like to do this week is send an
email/update the wiki with a more verbose which way can we go page.
13:28 < SyN-dRoMe> if the source of induvidual stores all came from
the same place we could ensure uniformity across x many stores
13:29 < iWolf> SyN-dRoMe: Yeah, that would be very nice for the user
experience with the store.
13:29 < iWolf> Maybe we can look more into what options SPreadshirt
has for look and feel customization.  It might influence the opinion a
13:30 < SyN-dRoMe> also i feel optimisation for gnash would be advantageous
13:30 < SyN-dRoMe> i do have the odd issue with web based flash.
13:31 < iWolf> Yeah, are all spreadshirt store interfaces flash based?
13:31 < SyN-dRoMe> they seem to be
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13:32 < iWolf> that could be a potential hang-up.
13:33 < SyN-dRoMe> maybe something like an opinion poll on faults
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13:33 < SyN-dRoMe> or if we could have a look at the bugzilla entries
to see some potential issues
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13:34 < iWolf> I think most people will want a site that doesn't use
proprietary tech.
13:34 < SyN-dRoMe> yes there is  that also
13:34 < couf> yeah, that's something we really need to flesh out
13:35 < iWolf> We'll add that to the list of things to check into.
Customization features of spreadshirt as well as whether flash is
required for the storefront.
13:35 < iWolf> couf: I agree.
13:35 < couf> or it should be doable with the swfdec-stuff (or gnash)
13:35 < iWolf> Okay...  Unfortunately, it is about time for me to head
back into the office.
13:36 < iWolf> Does anyone have anything else to add?  I hate to cut
it short, but $dayjob calls....
13:36 < SyN-dRoMe> nothing from me.
13:36 < couf> nah, we can't really get stuff gone, while still checking vendors
13:36 < couf> I'm good
13:36 < SyN-dRoMe> but could you semd me your email address please iwolf?
13:37 < iWolf> SyN-dRoMe: you can grab it off of
13:37 < iWolf> Feel free to email me at that address.
13:37 < iWolf> Thanks for coming guys!  It is much appreciated.
13:37 < SyN-dRoMe> no worries.
13:37 < iWolf> I will get the logs posted and update the wiki.
13:37 < couf> thanks iWolf
13:37 < iWolf> ================ Meeting Adjourned ==================

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