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Re: introduce myself

Just a idea that I had, while scanning through other parts of linux, it
came to me as part of marketing Fedora to the public and to the business
sector, it would be a good idea to coe up with a flyer to give away at
opensource events, software freedom day, or simply to give away to
people who ask for a copy of the cd/dvd of the OS. give it to them as

the flyer could include what the Fedora project is about, where to get
support, ie local LUGS, Wiki, IRC Forums and Mailing lists.
also a brief history of Fedora and how the project started,

just something to think about and may be work towards. 

> This is a very exciting time to be involved in Fedora marketing.
> Historically there hasn't been much to do here other than talk.  Many
> people are now coming together with the goal of making a marketing group
> with goals to accomplish.
> While tonight there isn't a comprehensive task this for this group,
> we'll see that being built over the next few weeks.  Join in the
> discussions and offer to help where you think you can commit.
> Brendon Toogood
> Ambassador Of Fedora Project
> HTTP://www.fedoraproject.org
> Email:btoogood slingshot co nz
> for cd's and dvds

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