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Re: Fedora 9 name

On Sun, 20 Jan 2008 20:49:01 +0530
Satyajit Ranjeev <satyajit nerdshack com> wrote:

> I do agree with a lot of others about the names regarding the new
> fedora release. How about we have an option wherein we add names we
> like and others can vote on the names or add their choice. The final
> one probably could be the one with the most number of votes.

Unfortunately that won't work, as all names have to be cleared by
Legal.  The ability to suggest names for the upcoming Fedora release is
a honor we grant people who put up with the traffic on
fedora-devel-list, and participate in the ongoing development of
Fedora.  It used to be something exclusive to Red Hat employees, but
over the years we've opened it a bit more.  However it's not a free for
all, and it is a bonus for those that are doing a lot of the work.  If
you want the ability to add suggestions, be on that list near the start
of a development cycle when the call for suggestions goes out.  We take
all the reasonable suggestions that follow the formula and run them
through Red Hat's legal team (not a small cost) to find the names that
would be acceptable should they be chosen.  Then the vote is provided
for a larger set of folks.  That's how it happens.

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