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Re: Res: Fedora 9

Eduardo Villagrán Morales wrote:

Names have allways been relaxed and fun.
How Chupacabra is related with Fedora 8 codename?
8 generations of traditions on codenames, this must continue
Both the werewolf and the chupacabra are mythical creatures. The latter
is probably better known as The Mexican Goatsucker.
Werewolf is related to a movie, like Moonshine. Then werewolf (as
mythical) is related with Chupacabra, it is OK.
But Chupacabra is ridiculous, other mythical creature is Frankenstein.

Henrique Junior wrote:

If a ridiculous name like that is approved, I do not spread in my
lectures or in the Brazilian media. I will use only the number 9 or
people will laugh in my face. lol

I agree. I voted for Woodwose, that I feel can continue the "tradition".

(from Italy, in the process of joining the Ambassadors group)

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