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Self-Introduction | John Adams, Red Hat Brand Manager

Greetings, Fedora Marketing List!

My name is John Adams, and I joined Red Hat in July 2007 as Brand Manager in the Corporate Marketing group. In my role, I help to define brand strategies both for the corporate brand itself (Red Hat) as well as our portfolio of product brands. Prior to joining Red Hat, I spent several years managing brands in the snack food, apparel and retail industries, most recently as a Brand Manager at Lowe's Home Improvement (where I developed and managed a portfolio of 50+ private label brands).

The reason I am telling you this? I am eager to get involved with Fedora and leverage my skill set to help out however I can with Fedora brand management. My relevant experience is in the areas of brand positioning development, brand strategy, brand architecture, naming, trademark management, and the evaluation of brand design elements (including logo, package design, and marketing collateral).

Please know that I am a resource for the community and look forward to helping out however I can. Feel free to email me directly ... my contact info is below.


John Q. Adams
Brand Manager | Red Hat
Brand Communications + Design
joadams redhat com

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