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Mission: Archiving Fudcon testimonials

For everyone who likes finding articles about Fedora, I've a task for you.

Can you hunt down all the personal testimonials from Fudcon attendees
and organize them so that we can use these things so we have them as a
potential resource to easily reference as a run-up to the next Fudcon?
 I want to try to bottle the good feelings generate in last week's
blogs and then pour it back out again on people planning to attending
the red hat summit who aren't familiar with the hotness that is the
fedora hackfest and barcamp.

I don't care how its done, but at the end of the day what I'd like to
be able to do is have a url that whisks me to a list personal blog
entries related to fudcon, which we can then pull quotes from as
needed in run-up materials.

I've been told that this is exactly the sort of thing digg tagging is
good for.   Even better, beyond just tagging them so they are easily
found, if there was a way to annotate them with the best take away one
sentence  quote from the blog entry that would be fantabulous.

Anyone up to the challenge?


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