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Re: SIG meeting

> To reply to what Karsten said... we had a little meeting here in the 
> corporate marketing department at Red Hat about Fedora marketing. We 
> didn't get very far until it was suggested that we push this all out in 
> the open and have a discussion about everything we need to do to get 
> Fedora 9 out there and, in turn, build a structure that will work in the 
> future. 

Sounds like an awesome idea to me :)

> Anyway, the point is: we want to help. We want to get organized and are 
> committed to having the next launch go off with as much organization and 
> backing as possible. We want this to continue with future launches as well.

Sounds like a good point to start from!
> So, I propose we have our meeting sometime mid next week - say Wednesday 
> at 2EST? We can have it on #fedora-mktg if that's fine with everyone.

This should be good for me,

Best wishes,

> I look forward to hearing from you all and working with everyone to get 
> this moving.
> -- 
> Colby A. Hoke
> Corporate Marketing
> [ Producer ]
> 919.621.8802

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