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Re: A potential learning exercise.

> Unfortunately, there was no mention of it in the article.  This is only 
> a single sample, and I don't want anyone spamming the author.

Not suggesting we spam the author, but a single person writing in a
polite manner asking why he didn't talk about it might be worth while.
For 1 it would help us to know where we went wrong (i.e. did he just not
know about it, or did he not include it for some other reason) and 2 it
would let him know for the future about its existence.

On the point of where we might have failed here, I would love to hear
Leigh or Caroline's thoughts on it :) One quick observation from myself:
a google for "spin your own distro" results with Revisor being 3 of the
top 4 results; "rolling your own distro" results in no Fedora related
results in the top page. This could provide some level of explanation,
but perhaps if we'd really succeeded the author would have gone out
looking specifically for Fedora info. 

Best wishes,


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