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Re: A potential learning exercise.

2008/1/24 Jesse Keating <jkeating j2solutions net>:
> This is probably my fault.  I used the term "spins" and it's caught on
> within the Fedora world, but maybe the rest of the world is used to the
> term roll?

I don't think its the terminology. "Respin" is used multiple times in
the correct context as we would use it.

On page two "Respin An Existing Distribution". That section contains
multiple use of the word respin in context of customization of an
existing distribution.

Again on page three "respin" is used in the context of customizing an
existing distro.

I think this is the first article ive seen in a long while that
attempted to cover gentoo, or LFS at all...and this one covers both.
The fact that LFS and puppy are covered in the same article feels
really odd to me..but I'll leave most of what I'm thinking unsaid
because its not really that constructive.

Anyways, I don't think its terminology here, I think its more about
laypress education about what sort of things can be done with Fedora.


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