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Re: Some users feedback on F8 LiveCD

Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
Good night all.

I was reviewing some feedback I got back from a few friends and relatives about F8 LiveCD and F8 in general. I'm trying to put together some sort of a "quick" introductory "manual" to Fedora and its key features. I'm not trying to imitate what's already been done and users can find on the Internet, but rather go a bit more in depth with stuff such as very basic introductions to the several programs that conform a default desktop installation (hence the use of LiveCDs both GNOME and KDE) for users to get acquainted with the OS, and more importantly, the applications they'll find. The final objective is to spend less time talking about "the system" and spend the bulk of the reader's time talking about the applications. At any rate, while reviewing some of the feedback I got from a few (two, actually) users, is concerning one application (of the them actually sent the e-mail with a subject [roughly] "undocumented application"), they both were talking about Evince, or "Document
 iewer". What they particularly found funny was that Firefox would prompt to open PDF (and other file types) with it, but there was no entry for it in the applications menu hierarchy. At first I was kind of "shocked" to read this (I guess I've been too used at using Evince launched from web browsers that I didn't notice there indeed is no menu entry for it). So I felt compelled to ask: What other applications that may actually be part of the Desktop are there in the LiveCDs (and default installs) that don't have a menu entry as well?

I do believe this is indeed important, I for one did not think about it when first thinking on writing this "manual", but now that it's been brought to my attention, what other "undocumented apps" are there (in the understanding that these may be GUI applications without a menu entry)? I think it might be important to notice these (from a marketing point of view), and maybe expose them more in our marketing efforts? I know the concrete case of Evince is not very appealing to a lot of people (I know many who actually despise the app), but there are other such applications (I can't think of any out the tip of my mind, at the moment) it may be a good idea to explore how to properly raise awareness of them.

Any input appreciated.

This is probably a question better suited for fedora-desktop list but if you need to find out yourself, take a look at .desktop files in /usr/share/applications and grep for "NoDisplay=true". You can also right click on the application menu and click "Edit Menus" and browse through the menus and see which ones are hidden.


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