Ref:Re: Some users feedback on F8 LiveCD

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Fri Jan 25 20:56:54 UTC 2008

Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:

> Thank you very much, Rahul. Much appreciated. I can only wonder now why some were left hidden, but that's really not the point.

Preventing a cluttered menu can be a pretty good reason.
Well there are pretty much zero reasons why you would want to launch 
applications like bug buddy on their own. They are helper apps. 
Similarly the normal workflow is to click on a pdf file which evince 
would open up and not launch evince and try to locate the file (ie) 
document centric instead of application centric. The success of the 
model is clear in the fact that you didn't even realize that some apps 
were hidden till now.

> I was only transmitting what was said to me from 'fresh' users. Another recurring theme (though I tried to actually a dress this one with detailed instructions when giving the LiveCDs) was that of the keyboard layout in the distribution. I'll try to transmit this feedback to the Desktop or LiveCD lists in regards of choosing the appropriate keyboard layout upon language selection in GDM for the LiveCD systems. I'm not sure it would be feasible, but at least was (as I kind of expected) a common observation and desired feature.

Not sure what exactly you are referring to here but you should probably 
file a enhancement in bugzilla. Otherwise most of the feedback would 
just get lost

> These recent efforts had made me want to try to play around with the LiveCD tools to create a "respin" with localized OOo, of course I know why it was left out of the LiveCDs (it simply takes too much disk space, and having all locales amounts almost to an entire 700Mb CD), I wonder how much it would take with only one extra locale (as I understand US English is "hardcoded"). At any rate, this is no topic for marketing, but rather for the LiveCD or Desktop lists. Thanks again for your input.

You can squeeze in OOo with just one locale. I have created a number of 
spins like that. Feel free to reuse them to create your own custom spin 
with any locale you want.


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