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Re: Fedora brand WAS Re: Self-Introduction | John Adams, Red Hat Brand Manager

Jonathan Roberts wrote:
Hey there :)
Great to have you on board - I already have a question for you though so
I hope you don't mind me just firing away. I don't know if it's relevant
to you, or relevant full stop but...

The reason I am telling you this? I am eager to get involved with Fedora and leverage my skill set to help out however I can with Fedora brand management. My relevant experience is in the areas of brand positioning development, brand strategy, brand architecture, naming, trademark management, and the evaluation of brand design elements (including logo, package design, and marketing collateral).

On the matter of Fedora's brand. Before we can market a brand
(positioning, strategy etc) do we need to decide what Fedora's brand is?
Obviously the project has a name, logo and a product. But going beyond
that there was a long discussion a while ago about Fedora's target
audience (see this post for some relevant info:
To sucessfully market Fedora, do we need to define what it is that
Fedora actually is? Maybe other people have already figured this
out...maybe this isn't relevant. Thought I'd ask though becuase that
discussion interested me and I don't remember any particular resolution
to it.

Best wishes,


Interesting article on livejournal, and I have seen the same argument raised on few mailing list threads and I heard it on some podcasts. Different people say it differently but it comes to same thing - that linux geeks love Fedora; they love using it, love contributing to it. love hacking on it. They all say the also one other thing - that they don't actually know what is Fedora for, or for whom.

It is not focused for a general destop (not even the fedora desktop spin) as strong as Ubuntu, it is not targeted as server distro (RHEL and CentOS are clear targets for that).

Some say that Fedora is a general purpose linux distro and that to me sound a bit negative. Other on a positive side say that it is a distro for linux enthusiasts and advanced users - and that sounds better that "general purpose" distro.

I would like to see fedora on mode "Joe User" type desktops not just linux geeks and that would mean a mode desktop focus and would look like catching up with Ubuntu (I don't know if that is bad or not).

Other way would be just to brand it as advanced linux destop or enthusiasts linux desktop... something like that because Fedora is definitely the most cutting edge distro out there (sometime too cutting edge :) )

I sometimes look at Fedora as great platform that maybe somebody else will take advantage of and make some desktop distro the same way that Canonical took Debian as a base and made Ubuntu on top of it.

I really like Fedora and I believe that it is on a good path...


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