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Re: agenda for SIG meeting

Karsten 'quaid' Wade wrote:
What would we like to discuss at tomorrow's meeting?

We can populate this page ...


Some topics that have been open recently:

* Report on state of Fedora's marketing needs from available marketing

* What is the Fedora brand?

* Work on the Marketing Messaging Guide (due March 2008)

* Marketing Plan (due March 2008)

* Task tracking for Marketing
  * Would we benefit from Trac?
  * Or should we start with the lighterweight wiki approach?
  * Comments from the list:
    * RahulSundaram:  "Yep. Trac is definitely better than a wiki for
tracking things that need to be completed within a deadline."

* What else?

- Karsten
That looks all good to me, we're free to accept any more ideas during the meeting as well.

It's still set for 1900UTC in #fedora-meeting

Colby A. Hoke

Corporate Marketing
[ Producer ]


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