LinuxGlobe Podcasts Now Available! :D

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Wed Jul 2 17:46:24 UTC 2008

2008/7/2 Paul W. Frields <stickster at>:
> In fairness, he has Ogg Vorbis available.  And as much as we might
> loathe MP3 for its encumbrances, if the point is to reach out to people,
> we're not going to accomplish that by only publishing Ogg Vorbis.

I agree with this. As long as community members are producing Ogg
Vorbis and Ogg Theora versions of materials as a primary resource, its
perfectly okay for them to replicate the same material into other
formats, as long as they do so in a legal manner.  For example has a transcoding service which anyone can use to
transcode works, as long as the copyright license on the work allows
you to.

All I ask is that community members make an effort to link/pointer to
the Ogg Vorbis or Ogg Theora videos when other formats are made
available whenever it is reasonable to provide that additional
contextual information.

Without remarking on the quality of this particular podcast...or on
itunes as a distribution medium.  I will say that I hope that Mark
here gets involved in what Jon is trying to do with our Miro channel
and starts experimenting with providing Fedora user relevant content
through that mechanism.  Itunes maybe a reasonable tool for outreach
to people who have yet taken the plunge, but we also need creative
people (ie not me) working on content aimed at people who are actively
running Fedora.  A set of Fedora Miro channel(s), is probably the best
delivery mechanism we have identified.  Though we could of course
pre-populate other applications like gpodder with a Fedora podcast
feed if we so desired. Being the gpodder maintainer, something I'm
willing to do for F10 if we feel comfortable about the quality of the
content in the channel.

I would like to challenge Mark to think about delivering a periodic
Ogg Vorbis podcast for our Miro channel, with content that is targeted
at our existing userbase.  I would also humbly suggest that if he were
going to take up the challenge, that he attempt to survey people on
the fedora-list and possible the forums for feedback
as to the sort of podcast content that would be compelling to a wide
audience in our existing userbase.


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