Recruiting Students (Campus Ambassadors)

Jack Aboutboul jaa at
Wed Jul 2 19:13:40 UTC 2008

Jeffrey Tadlock wrote:
> Given that many of the responders to the thread are already Fedora
> Ambassadors and ready to help, why do you want a different setup than
> the current ambassadors?  If the current isn't seen as working well -
> then lets focus on fixing that so both ambassadors working on a
> college campus and those of us working at open source conferences and
> events can all benefit.
> What do we gain by not working within the Ambassador framework for
> this?  I think this is a project that fits under the Ambassador group
> quite nicely and would let us build on lessons already learned by that
> group and also allow for lessons learned by ambassadors working on
> college campuses to feed back into the ambassador group as well.
> Regards,
> Jeffrey
The main reasons for this working outside of ambassadors is that we are 
going to have a different governance model around this and the goals 
will be slightly different....


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