Fedora TV is ready to go!

Jonathan Roberts jonrob at fedoraproject.org
Mon Jul 7 18:20:29 UTC 2008

> What is the rss feed url? Do we have that listed on a page somewhere
> outside of Miro itself?  For people using other "podcasting" clients
> we should make it easy to find.  Possibly on the start page.

OK, I've added that to the Fedora TV trac page.

> I've gotten permission from the gpodder upstream to patch the default
> list of rss feeds that gpodder will pre-populate for first time users
> of gpodder on a system.  I want to add our fedora rss feed to it and
> see how it goes.

Would it also be worth while looking into adding it to Banshee out of
the box on Fedora systems? Version 1.0 can play video files too, and
is my preferred client for video podcasts...

I'm going to post this to my blog in the next few hours unless anyone
has any objections?



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