Using multimedia as a resource to promote Fedora

Roní Gonçalves ronignc at
Wed Jul 9 19:09:17 UTC 2008

Hi, Marketing group!

This message is to expose one idea I had. This idea is about video using and
is inspired by
these two iniciatives:

So, these video productions have inspired me to think about a new way of
presenting and
promoting the next versions of Fedora. I'm suggesting this because I think
that the
merchandising made for Fedora could be improved by using more multimedia
formats, it means,
when new versions of the system are up to be released the only marketing in
the official site
is a counterdown ("There're n! days to Fedora x be released") and posts of
users/ambassadors on
their blogs/sites/etc about the releasing. Then, I think that, as the
artwork team is already
working on the possible themes for the new release, a new kind of
presentation using videos
to promote what's up to come. Videos movie-trailer-like with an attractive,
but still mysterious
to make who watches them get interested in Fedora new version. And a
"Release Video" could be
done with co-operation of the marketing and artwork teams and be disponible
in the Fedora Project
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