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Wed Jul 9 19:54:00 UTC 2008

The discussion about what EPEL is, what its niche is, lead into a good
discussion about enterprise community in general.  EPEL is really part
of a parental role that Fedora is taking in birthing and raising
enterprise communities -- RHEL, etc.

Realizing we had grabbed an even bigger meal to chew on, and the hour
having passed, we decided to continue working on this.  One thing
happening is, John Adams is digesting all that he has learned and
thinking about how it fits with the various brand promises.

This is all part of understanding the problem that a new brand
solves. :)

cheers - Karsten

On Wed, 2008-07-09 at 07:38 -0700, Karsten 'quaid' Wade wrote:
> Bringing this discussion to Fedora Marketing as the best place for
> another fun (re)branding exercise.  fedora-epel-devel-list has been
> invited here for the discussion.
> Many of us think, with the agreement of the EPEL Steering Committee,
> that the name 'EPEL' is, uh, insufficient.  Well, it sucks a little bit,
> but it was also a reasonable resolution that let us get ahead with the
> actual work.  This topic is about what we should rename/rebrand EPEL.
> If you really like the EPEL name, you'll have to rally a team of
> supporters to convince the rest of us that it is worth keeping. :)
> Tomorrow, Wednesday 9 July, at 1400 EDT/1800 UTC we are going to kick
> off the renaming with a conference call.  Hopefully some branding folks
> from Red Hat can join.
> From :
> * Get the VoIP/dial-in number details here:
> * Fedora Marketing now has a conference room setup to use at-will, it is
> extension 2004.
> - Karsten
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