Workshop about Linux in Dharan, Nepal -- Help! wanted

Tushar Neupaney tushar.neupaney at
Thu Jul 10 02:13:34 UTC 2008

Dear ambassadors,

I am conducting a three day workshop in BPKIHS, Dharan, this is a medical
university and I hope that at least a 1000 people will attend.

To make this opportunity an event of a lifetime and utilize it to motive
many to use Linux is my prime goal.

Can anyone contribute to the materials that are needed to be discussed in
the workshop.
The things that should not be missed and anything special that can be done
economically and easily to motive people.

The tentative date of starting is August 20. (Date still flexible)

We can support:
1. Hall for workshop.
2. Some computers (Not all can get one! limitation due to the crowd)
3. We also have a small set of volunteers (Count: 30)
4. Other supports are still to come....

Hoping to get some support,

Best Regards,

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