Using multimedia as a resource to promote Fedora

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Thu Jul 10 16:44:25 UTC 2008

2008/7/9 Roní Gonçalves <ronignc at>:
> Here, I understand your point of view, but do not agree with it. Limiting
> our video production using only the distro tools would be important if the
> focus was to promote the tools, but it is not. This position is against the
> concept of freedom of choice.

Beyond the PR lose of using out of distro tools to do anything at all.....

I think your opinion runs counter to how our project working groups
have been working so far.
The Art group I believe makes it a point to limit as much of they work
they do to using in-distro tools. Not to promote the tools..but to
make it possible for anyone in our community to contribute. By
sticking with in-distro tools we create the lowest possible bar for
access to contribution.  Ultimately thats the point of the project...
making it possible for anyone to contribute and work together. If
people don't have access to the same tools, it makes it harder for
them to work together.  I doubt that I would even have to make it a
policy to just use in-distro tools. As people come together inside our
community, I think that sort of policy ends up being put in place
through consensus exactly because it makes it easier for everyone.

> Well [to rhyme with hell], Blender is a REALLY professional tool. The videos
> do not need, necessarily, to be professional; semi-pro is all right :D

Blender is in the distro... if someone wanted to use blender and
generate some promotional videos using it.. I highly doubt anyone
would shun them.  I'm just not sure who our blender professionals in
the community currently are.  Find those people, convince them to do a
slick couple of minute video that we can render into different
formats. We'll start a fedorahosted project to host the blender
project files they create and then they can lead a group of
contributors who want to continue development of that short animation
as a subproject in and of itself.


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