Workshop about Linux in Dharan, Nepal -- Help! wanted

Tushar Neupaney tushar.neupaney at
Fri Jul 11 05:53:57 UTC 2008

Dear Abhishek,

gr8 mail from your side. I have downloaded all your recommended videos.

I have the following plan:

1. 2 Hrs of Presentation each day
2. 2 Hrs of Video/Documentary Show
3. 2 Hrs of Hands on Practical

4. 1 Hr of Launch
5. 20 Min Tea Break
6. 40 Min Break

The program will start at 10:00 A.M in the morning and end at 6:00 in 
the evening.

And It would be great if you could join us. I hope if it is feasible 
please also come by with some presentations. I will appreciate that. And 
can we call someone from neighboring countries too.


Abhishek Singh wrote:
> Dear Tushar,
>        So as I guess, you are organising an orientation programme cum 
> workshop that will make the target audience aware of GNU/Linux and 
> FOSS, and provide them a brief insight of how to use them, isn't it?
>         Can you send a brief detail of how are you structuring the 
> programme? Meanwhile the target of 1000 audience doesn't seem 
> feasible; how can you manage them with just 30 volunteers. You need to 
> prepare a lot.
>        Well, regarding the contents, you can use some of the marketing 
> slides of Fedora which you can find at .... I'll also suggest you to 
> use some of the RedHat Videos like "Truth Happens 
> <>", "We are here 
> <>" etc. You can include some 
> materials like "FOSS for Education" (refer to IOSN FOSS Primer 
> <> for more such 
> materials), "How can FOSS help to create secure and low cost ICT 
> infrastructures?" (refer to the RedHat's Cost Cutter Video 
> <> 
> for reference). You can also include a Install Fest, which will enable 
> your target audience to get Linux (preferably Fedora) installed on 
> their PC/Laptop. Moreover, providing Live CDs would have been a good 
> option, but the number of audience is a great barrier here.
> Well after 27th July, I'll be free and would be able to help you more. 
> Keep in touch.
> Regards,
> Abhishek Singh
> Tushar Neupaney wrote:
>> Dear ambassadors,
>> I am conducting a three day workshop in BPKIHS, Dharan, this is a 
>> medical university and I hope that at least a 1000 people will attend.
>> To make this opportunity an event of a lifetime and utilize it to 
>> motive many to use Linux is my prime goal.
>> Can anyone contribute to the materials that are needed to be 
>> discussed in the workshop.
>> The things that should not be missed and anything special that can be 
>> done economically and easily to motive people.
>> The tentative date of starting is August 20. (Date still flexible)
>> We can support:
>> 1. Hall for workshop.
>> 2. Some computers (Not all can get one! limitation due to the crowd)
>> 3. We also have a small set of volunteers (Count: 30)
>> 4. Other supports are still to come....
>> Hoping to get some support,
>> Best Regards,
>> Tushar.
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