Article: Concept Art for Fedora 10

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Mon Jul 14 15:18:14 UTC 2008

Sílvio Reis wrote:
> I apologise if I expressed in the wrong way.
> I do not want to underestimate the work of the Art team, on the 
> contrary, the wallpapers are very nice but I think the colors are to 
> strong for everyday use, understand?

I understand (and I also understand that some of the current proposals 
are not that good) but saying this on the marketing list is really of 
little use.
If you say something like "the image X from the proposal Y has a nice 
concept but the colors are to vivid for an effective wallpaper, please 
try a less saturated version" on the Art list, where the author can read 
your complaint, then it is a completely different game (and he are happy 
to receive such comments).

> I liked very much the artwork of Fedora 6 and love the current theme.

I believe you understand all those proposals are "round 1" material, 
they are supposed to change a lot until the final release (and only a 
few will survive to round 2).

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