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Mon Jul 14 15:40:23 UTC 2008

>> my first idea was also "we live in 2008 and not 19xx .... " but thats 
>> another thing ;-)
> Care to elaborate a bit around that?
Ok. We are here on the Marketing list. If I think of Marketing I have 
ONE great picture, One theme, one of the main Wallpapers, one Logo 
brand, one main-Theme i can use for a Campain.
E.G.: see sony ( 
I think with a good Artwork there can be also a good Marketing around 
that. See BSD with a small Comic, music, Poster, etc. around a new Release.
If I saw the Artwork I think it looks very good, but the fedora Logo 
seems often only be pasted in a ready made Wallpaper or background 
someone have fond elsewhere on the Internet.
How about a Slogan to the "10th Anniversery" or so? How about to put in 
the Keywords we have or work the pics around these words?
Nicu, you mentioned in another Link I followed: i see in this 
picture an Apple Add or maybe the Ubuntu-Style. This are all Campains 
that are out now.
Maybe there are other ideas around that ... just my 10Cents...
>> But I also has the thought if we can't think a bit bigger for FC10?! 
>> This is the 10th Version of an Operatingsystem. 10th Anniversery. We 
>> have a one and THEN the null behind. We have decades going forward...
> Or we can restart the counter, change the project name, whatever... 
> remember how RHL morphed into Fedora when it was to hit the magic number.
Yeah, but that was also a major structure change. I think Fedora has 
"only" a major Release ;-)
>> So just some thoughts/ideas we could have:
>> - collect all the (unpublished) Artwork of the years and put them 
>> together
> There was a work-in-progress about that: 
> but as you 
> can see, it was about published Artwork, not unpublished (as there may 
> be a reason why some graphics were not published).
... so I thought. I think every Artwork-Designer has some scribbles and 
unfinished work collected over the years ;-) ... maybe it is time to get 
these out of the box :-)
>> - ask VIP's (let your imagination flow who this could be...) make 
>> some Artwork
> I think that would be a major blow to the Art Team, like lack of 
> confidence in their/our skills.
I wrote that on the artwork list so far. I don't want to annoy anybody! 
I only thought of to have some people like maybe Doc Baumann, Linus 
Torwalds, Mark Shuttleworth, etc. to make some scribbles or so and the 
Artteam can work something out.
maybe FC10 can have 12 Wallpapers or Themes or so.
>> - put in some photos as backgrounds, maybe from big events or 
>> meetings...
> Such photos do not make for a good wallpaper on which one would stare 
> all day long. And we need an assortment of additional graphics 
> (banners, splashes) to match.
That can be all fit together. I see no problem in that to have one or 
two realistic Photo-Wallpapers or so in the set...
>> - other ideas...
>> So, any comments on my ideas?
> How about talking about that on the Art list? Not all of us  are 
> subscribed here.
I have done this yet, thanks.

But this can also be a Marketing Topic. It all fits maybe together...

best regards
Henrik Heigl

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