Community input wanted: How to compile questions for an interview.

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Thu Jul 17 05:00:23 UTC 2008

Okay,  I have the ear of a certain Dr. Gregory B. Newby concerning the
use of Fedora and scientific computing.
Dr. Newby  is currently the Chief Scientist at the Arctic Region
Supercomputing Center here at UAF which is how I found him and why I'm
most interested in talking to him.
ARSC makes heavy use of Fedora as a platform and I think we should
spent time talking with an expert in the field of scientific research
computing about how we can better match Fedora and this community
for overall social benefit and better science.  It's nice that we know
that the biggest, baddest computer in the world uses Fedora. But
there's a deeper conversation that needs to be had about turning this
sub-community of users into an organized sub-community of active
contributors within the Fedora tent.

Everyone here should take a moment and read his bio:
It's a fascinating read, and there's more... much more....there to
think about talking to him about from the Fedora project perspective.

Here's what I'd like to do. I'd like to compile a list of questions
taken from the community to ask him and them I'm going to hold a
somewhat longish video and chop it up into segments based on general
subject matter.  But how do i compile that list of questions? I'd
prefer a list to be somewhat rank ordered so I make sure I ask him
some of the most popular questions.  Though I plan to reserve the
right to things not highly rated as well.

Suggestions on how to compile the list of questions and get it
somewhat ordered by popularity?  Obviously this is very much like how
slashdot does its Q/A threads using slashdot karma to vote for
questions...but we don't have that.  Is there something else floating
around out there that I can setup and drive people to? I'm asking in
marketing because once we figure out how to do it, we can run other
interviews with other experts in other areas using the same
mechanism... so its in this group's best interest in helping me setup
a process we can re-use.


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