I/F/V out, 4 Fedora Foundations in!

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro
Fri Jul 18 05:58:31 UTC 2008

Paul W. Frields wrote:
> One of the things that would help would be some new poster artwork that
> would explain the 4 foundations the way that Mo Duffy's posters
> exaplained IFV.  We might be able to just adapt the existing posters,
> because they are simple, eye-catching, and right to the point.  We'd
> just alter the text a little.
> Or someone might have an idea for a new design, that would still
> complement our Web design.  I'm going to put this request in the Artwork
> queue.  Does anyone have specific ideas about other collateral that we
> want for Fedora 10?

While the current posters seems to be really effective, I think we may 
want to try a different angle, like emphasizing the "people" part of 
Fedora, you know, maybe borrowing a bit from the "I am Fedora" video [1].

I understand it may me not easy to create such posters and we may have 
logistic problems, but I think it is a good angle.

[1] - http://mihmo.livejournal.com/57168.html

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