eeedora 2.0 ?

Mathieu Bridon (bochecha) bochecha at
Mon Jul 21 15:36:47 UTC 2008

> Here is a question for all you Eee (and compatibles) users: how about
> the wallpaper size?
> In F9 we added 800x480 as a resolution for which we provide a desktop
> wallpaper (this is the screen size for Eee PC 701).
> However, the new generation (from all vendors), launched/will launch
> this summer models with larger display, 8.9-10", with a resolution of
> 1024x600px.
> We try to keep the package size small, so I think it make sense to
> include only one wallpaper for ultraportables (we have only a few sized
> vor various aspect ratios, all the others are scaled down) and it should
> be 1024x600 (those with 7" displays will show a resized version, it is
> better in such cases to scale down than to scale up).
> It is OK to "sacrifice" (a bit to strong said) the 701 series, which is
> not the "coolest thing" any more (and it has a slightly different aspect
> ratio)?
I've always wondered why we don't use SVG wallpapers... Is it too much
resources consuming to redraw the wallpaper ?

On the other hand, those tiny-ultra-mini-extra-small-portable are not
racing horses, and they are more (at least to me) some kind of super
electronic note-books (I'm speaking about a real paper note-book, not
about a laptop). So maybe they don't need the animated wallpaper and a
static version could be provided.

Maybe the best track would be to split the package. This would take the
same space on the media as all wallpapers should be included if we don't
want soemone to have a plain blue background, but at least, yum installs /
updates would not download the whole big almighty package...


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