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Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Mon Jul 21 16:02:06 UTC 2008

Mathieu Bridon (bochecha) wrote:
> I've always wondered why we don't use SVG wallpapers... Is it too much
> resources consuming to redraw the wallpaper ?

The first problem is that sometime we make use of advanced features in 
SVG which are not rendered properly by Nautilus. And yes, for complex 
images the resource consumption *is* a problem.

> On the other hand, those tiny-ultra-mini-extra-small-portable are not
> racing horses, and they are more (at least to me) some kind of super
> electronic note-books (I'm speaking about a real paper note-book, not
> about a laptop). So maybe they don't need the animated wallpaper and a
> static version could be provided.

I am not the expert to talk about that (and probably this is not the 
right place, most likely the desktop or devel list) but I think the 
animation is not a problem.

> Maybe the best track would be to split the package. This would take the
> same space on the media as all wallpapers should be included if we don't
> want soemone to have a plain blue background, but at least, yum installs /
> updates would not download the whole big almighty package...

Sometime the space on media is a problem (think about the LiveCD) and 
even the space on your hdd may be a problem (think at first gen Eee PC 
701, with 2-4GB of storage).

And I think we want the default look and feel everywhere, this is our 
identity. But a spin (say a spin for ultraportables) can have (if I 
understood correctly) a different default (maybe a non-animated, small 
resolution version of the default wallpaper).

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