eeedora 2.0 ?

Mathieu Bridon (bochecha) bochecha at
Mon Jul 21 16:53:37 UTC 2008

>> Maybe the best track would be to split the package. This would take the
>> same space on the media as all wallpapers should be included if we don't
>> want soemone to have a plain blue background, but at least, yum installs
>> /
>> updates would not download the whole big almighty package...
> Sometime the space on media is a problem (think about the LiveCD) and
> even the space on your hdd may be a problem (think at first gen Eee PC
> 701, with 2-4GB of storage).
> And I think we want the default look and feel everywhere, this is our
> identity. But a spin (say a spin for ultraportables) can have (if I
> understood correctly) a different default (maybe a non-animated, small
> resolution version of the default wallpaper).
That's exactly why I was suggesting to split the current package, so that
each spin could have its own wallpaper. And on the DVD, I don't think we
are currently running out of space...


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