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David Nalley david at
Sun Jul 27 04:25:29 UTC 2008

Hi All -

I come bearing a request from the NA Ambassadors Meeting. I have gone
through the existing presentations and they are either outdated or
target the wrong presenter level that we are looking for. Essentially
we are looking for stuff that we can hand a new
contributor/ambassador, walk them through once (perhaps remotely) and
have them relatively comfortable presenting.
Essentially we'd like 2 updated slide decks.
We'd like something akin to a F9 Features Slide Deck - something
similar to what Jesse Keating had here:
- but maybe tuned down a bit to fit with what someone new to
contributing to the Fedora Project would be comfortable presenting. As
an aside we'll probably ask for another slide deck when F10 gets close
doing the same thing. Especially once Feature Freeze happens. Actually
- I just went and looked at the schedule - Feature Freeze is 8/19 - so
maybe we want to do a F10 Sneak Peek  instead and skip F9 altogether -
we can modify that to F10 Feature relatively easily.

The other slide deck we'd like to have is a "Four Foundations"
presentation - again something that a relatively new Fedora Ambassador
could pull off presenting. Explain Freedom, Friends, Features, First.
Basically a user and perhaps a contributor recruitment slide deck that
explains why the Four Foundations makes unique.

I realize that there are precious few people to do work and probably
far more important things and if necessary we'll retreat and try to
generate ourselves, but we had no one immediately jump forward.
I am open to feedback or suggestions on this idea - so please feel free.


David Nalley

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